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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

.CO Rings Up An Impressive List of Sales

End user acquisitions and activation of .CO domains showcase endless possibilities for the extension and widespread public endorsement. See screen shots and examples below the recent sales list.

Said Juan Diego Calle, Founder & CEO of .CO Internet, "It’s hard to believe we’re rounding out yet another year. 2012 was huge for .CO, so I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you some of my favorite highlights of the past twelve months.

Today there are over 1.4 million .CO domain names registered by people in over 200 countries worldwide.  The .CO namespace has grown more than 24% from 2011 to 2012 – and renewals remain consistently strong. Our .COmmunity is only getting bigger and better, with tons of startups, small businesses, innovators and entrepreneurs choosing to build the future on .CO every day.

You can’t imagine how exciting it is for me to wake up each morning and to learn about all the cool companies, brands and big ideas that are being brought to life on the .CO platform. In 2012 we were extra proud to welcome the Startup America Partnership (, LeWeb (, Tech Cocktail (, Lean Startup Conference ( and StartUp Britain (, among hundreds of thousands of others, to our growing community."
SewLove.CO Says Lori Ann Wardi:
'I LOVE IT! I WANT ONE! (And one for every wonder woman I know!) Let's make it!"

Here's the 'Impressive" list of recent sales: $5-10k USD  (Adult Friend Finder redirect)
allergy.CO $16,286
apply.CO $12,000
auctions.CO $15,000
bankers.CO $10,100
chi.CO $7,110 ' $10-20k USD (Redirects to $10-20k EUR
denver.CO $50,001 $10-20k USD
eat.CO $6,100 $10-20k USD (forwards to $5-10k USD $20-50k USD $50-100k USD
landforsale.CO $6,400
mesothelioma.CO $76,000 $10-20k USD
myhealth.CO $18,500
newyorkcity.CO $7,100
relocation.CO $5,100 $10-20k USD
rollerblades.CO $5,000
shirts.CO $17,000 $20-50k USD (redirects to
zoom.CO $10,000 

Says Lori Anne Wardi, Vice President of .CO Internet, start-ups should never settle for a lame domin name.

"Your domain name is likely to be the first thing that you’ll mention – and the last thing you want people to remember when you pitch your company. A short, meaningful, memorable domain name can inspire people to type it into their web browsers; to click or tap on it on their mobile phones; and to share it with their friends.
Why settle for mediocrity when you can get a short, memorable domain name that you truly love and that can stand the test of time?  Whether you’re just launching your startup or you’re ready to upgrade your bland name for a hot brand name – .CO is a great option.
In fact, for many innovators and entrepreneurs, .CO is becoming the premier domain brand of choice.  Companies like Angel ListTwitter500 Startups and tons more are bringing their ideas to life and building the future of the Internet on the .CO platform"


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